Index Zero

Hello world!

It's done -- the blog setup is complete! I've been meaning to get on this for a while now. Creative procrastination seems to be all the rage nowadays, so I figured that the summer before I officially become a quasi-unemployed member of society is as good of a time as ever to start.

Just kidding. I'm actually really excited for grad school. There's something both crazy and adrenaline-rush exciting about the thought of spending the next 5 (6? 7? before I die?) years doing research. Think about it. When will be the next time that you can define "productivity" as "hitting up all the hottest new releases on the arXiv?" Or traveling to conferences and sharing ideas with some of the brightest and most motivated people in your field? Sounds pretty cool if you ask me.

But in reality, it seems like this whole PhD process is a marathon where the ups and downs are entirely different beasts on their own. I think this xkcd comic sums it up rather nicely:

To be honest I get a bit nervous if I think about it for too long. So this blog is meant to be a space where I can un-focus from the seriousness of it all and document the enjoyable steps I take along the way: small tidbits of life, fun slices of projects, or attempted explanations of topics that I find interesting (I include the last bit to hold myself accountable. I think academic blogs are super cool but I haven't found the motivation to write anything yet).

Here's to a month left of summer and many more posts to come!